Be Healthy Be Happy

Avoid Jealousy To Keep Our Heart Healthy

Avoiding Unneccessary Habits Keeps Our Heart Strong

Let Us Stop Smoking And Keep Our Heart Safe

Healthy Environment Is Essential To Save Our Heart

In India there are majority of people with Heart Diseases According to Doctors this is due to Unnecessary habits, lack of awareness about Heart diseases. According to Dr.B.Kesavamoorthy, Sr.consultant – Interventional cardiologist in Tanjore MEENAKSHI HOSPITAL, to avoid Heart diseases, chest pain and Heart attacks, we should follow certain essential Healthy habits as follows.

Smoking Habit

There are many books& journals publishing everyday regarding ill effects of smoking. Many research also have been conducted regarding smoking. Even though No research has proved smoking a good habit. Everyone is Not smoker and Everyone who smokes does not become a slave to this habit. According to recentresearch , the one person who in young age feels related and happy while smoking first will become addict . The chemical Nicotine in cigarette does not effect everyone’s brain at same level. It causes little effects in some and major drastic effects in some. So the person first smoking gets both little and drastic effect together .smoking is injurious to surrounding environment too. In china around 20 lakh population has death risk even though many of them are not smokers. The incidence of heart disease directly depends on the number of cigarettes, a person is smoking 20 cigars per day have 61% risk of getting heart disease. Occasional smokers of getting Heart disease than have 29% more risk of getting Heart disease than Non-smokers.

Don’t Be Nervous

Plan correctly to get ready to work , Eat foot , Play , refresh and spend time with your family. Don’t give place for nervousness. Don’t lift any heavy weight while standing , instead sit and lift the heavy weight . Whatever food you eat , keep interest in it that will digest well . Don’t think about your House and official problem while eating . Be happy with your friends circle . Don’t be always like you’ve lost something . Don’t be alone . World is big enough.

Be Patient In Everything

Whomever wants to make you nervousness , say “Boldly oh ! that’sok whenever you go to be sleep at night , don’t think about next day problems. Good sleep makes you much healthy . Don’t loose your patients at any costs . Keep everything within limit . Don’t smoke and drink.

Daily 5KM Walking Exercise

Daily a little exercise habit is must, Whatever may be your age . Walking at least a 5Km daily is a must .If you have regular walking your heart disease will never become aggressive . Like walking cycling is also good to health.

Fresh fruits , green leaves , vegetable must be taken in food. Bread, chapatti and Roti must not be added with Butter , cheese and Dalda as they increase the cholesterol . Skin removed chicken and Fish which is less in cholesterol must be eaten. Don’t eat fried chickens .eat while of egg not yellow of egg.

What You Brought To Take With You

In situation of using oil for cooking you must use only sunflower oil , Mustard oil , soya beans oil , gingelly oil, fresh juices , tea without milk , cake without cream skimmed milk and skimmed milk made ice-cream can be eaten But we shouldn’t take other food with this men at 35 years of age and women at 40 years age must compulsorily undergo cardiac checkup . Early T.M.T is good for health. Worries are invitation to heart diseases, so avoid worries . To reduced worries , do meditation. Keep doing yoga to keep your body , mind and soul fresh. The medical research people says that Heart with no worries , moral life , Harmless Environmental surrounding without unnecessary bad habits keeps the heart strong.

Salt, Sugar, Fat

There should always be a limit in daily intake of salt, sugar and fat, Sleep well at night Good sleep gives good health. Take fruits, Green leaves, Vegetable everyday in food. Do yoga, Meditation. Everyday Do Blood sugar and cholesterol test once in 6 months regularly. If your office is near go by cycle. Don’t consume alcohol. Although these are lots of development in the cardiology treatment, Basic habits like walking, Avoiding Smoking keeping mind calm. In life, doing yoga and meditation can make the heart strong and healthy. By avoiding Jealous in office and other surrounding places too we can avoid danger to heart.