Blood Bank

When You Give Blood, You’re more than just a donor. You’re the Lifeblood of the Universe!

Serving you for life!……

World-class Infrastructure

All of our blood donors satisfy stringent selection criteria set by the blood bank. That is why we provide completely safe blood transfusion services. Here, top priority is given to ensure supply of blood and blood products that are safe, accessible and reasonably priced. Through our fully equipped blood bank, we meet the needs of the patient, every time.





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Patient Centric Care

The blood bank of Meenakshi Hospital is functional since 2013. The blood bank caters to the need of patients of the hospital.


The Meenakshi Hospital Blood Centre was started in 2013 and got NABHA credited in 2017 and holds the Regional Blood Centre license granted by the Director of Drugs Control. We function24/7With state-of-the-art infrastructure, equipment& adhering to the highest standards of clinical & ethical practices, with a collaborative team of highly experienced Blood Bank Medical Officers, Blood Bank Quality Manager, Medical Technologists, Technicians, and Nurses. We are the first blood centre in the Delta region of Tamilnadu to acquire NABH Blood Bank Accredited by the quality council of India to provide safe Transfusion for the needy Community.


The mission of Our Blood Centre is to make available, an adequate quantity of Blood Component to provide high-quality safe blood and blood components in a timely manner to the needy community in compliance with the Drug and Cosmetic Act, National Blood Policy, and NABH standards for Blood banks/blood centres and transfusion services and to maintain a permanent well-indexed record of Voluntary Blood Donors.

To achieve this goal it is our Quality policy to establish and maintain standard techniques and quality control that are precisely and meticulously maintained as per the norms provided in the Drugs & Cosmetics Acts, by the Director Of Drugs Controller (India), and also internationally recommended methods. Blood Donation is accepted from Voluntary, Non-remunerated Blood Donors. Autologous Blood Donation is also accepted. 100 % of the Whole Blood Collected is processed into Packed Red Cells, Fresh Frozen Plasma, and Platelet Concentrate. All the personnel are trained based on National and International guidelines so that quality is set, practiced, and continuously maintained Quality standard is based on National and International guidelines. All the personnel are aware of the policies, processes, and procedures of the quality management system and the operational procedures at all times and undergo regular updating of skills and competency of staff through training and CME.

Facilities & Services

Meenakshi Hospital Blood Centre provides various facilities and services in the transfusion medicine department.

  • Blood grouping and cross-matching- CAT using Bead Technology
  • Red cell Antibody screening of Patient & Donor
  • Resolving blood group discrepancy
  • Quality control of blood and blood components
  • Exchange transfusion and Coombs test
  • Supply of whole blood, packed red blood cells (RBCs), fresh frozen plasma (FFP), and random donor platelet (RDP)

Special Procedures

  • Plateletpheresis
  • Plasmapheresis
  • Therapeutic Procedure