The branch of medicine & Broad Specialty that is focused on the relief of pain in the perioperative period.

Anaesthesiology is the medical specialty concerned with the total perioperative care of patients before, during and after surgery. It encompasses anesthesia, intensive care medicine, critical emergency medicine, and pain medicine.

The Department of Anesthesiology at MHT is a hub of excellence derived from the quality and depth of our clinical program. It is the first pain clinic in south Tamil Nadu. Here we provide a variety of services that balance expertise with compassion, an international outlook with individualized attention and the latest advancements in the discipline with uncompromised safety standards. The department has also been offering a prestigious DNB Program since 2022, proudly churning out the finest anesthesiologists in the profession each year.

We offer end-to-end clinical services including perioperative anesthesia services, critical care medicine, and pain medicine. The department ensures complete safety of all patients who undergo surgical procedures across MHT.


Radiology is the branch of medicine & Broad Specialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases using medical imaging technologies such as X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, and ultrasounds.

The Department of Radiology& Imaging Sciences at MHT is dedicated towards providing state-of-the-art diagnostic and interventional radiology services in a timely and cost-effective manner. Run by a team of experienced professionals and technicians, the department is equipped with the most advanced diagnostic devices. This allows for intervention in any part of the body, including neuro interventions. Adhering to the Chairman’s vision World class healthcare at affordable cost with empathy, love and healing touch.’ the department believes in rendering equal diagnostic services to patients from every socio-economic level.


The Super Specialty from Medicine and the Department of Cardiology is one of the largest Cardiac Care Centres in Delta Region and one of the strongest medical team in terms of experience and results which offer 24-hour emergency services to effectively handle all kinds of cardiac emergencies. The Department is well equipped with trained professionals, and all the necessary technical resources such as critical monitors, and ventilators to clearly monitor the severity of the disease.

Sl No Institute Name Institute Code Course Name Speciality No of Seats Per Year

Diplomate of National Board

Information for DNB courses at Meenakshi Hospital, Tanjore:

The National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences has accredited with 02 Broad Speciality PG Courses . Students who are selected for the PG Courses, as per the existing NBEMS norms, complete their course at the end of the time period stipulated by the NBEMS. The candidates appear for the theory examination of the NBEMS and follow further guidelines of the NBEMS.

What are the residency programs and details regarding each courses?

There are Two Broad Specialty PG Courses The subjects of Radio Diagnosis & Anesthesiology have an additional Secondary seat for every primary seat. Secondary seats are filled by candidates who have completed the respective Diploma Courses. The current duration of the Primary seat PG course is three years and the Secondary seat is two years. The primary candidates has to clear the NEET PG examination & Secondary candidates has to clear the PDCET.

The following programs are being offered in Meenakshi Hospital Tanjore.

Post Graduate (Broad Specialty):

Department Eligibility  No of Seats Primary Secondary Selection
Radio Diagnosis MBBS & NEET PG Pass (Primary) / MBBS & Diploma Course (Secondary) + PD CET Pass 2 seats  1 seats (36 months)  1 seats (24 months) Each year
 Anaesthesiology MBBS & NEET Pass (Primary) / MBBS & Diploma Course (Secondary) + PD NEET/ PD CET Pass  3 seats  2 seats (36 months)  1 seats (24 months) Each year

What are the benefit of doing a PG Course at Meenakshi Hospital Tanjore

Doing a PG course at MHT can be an overwhelming experience!

  • The PGs have access to the state-of-the-art Medicare run by top-rated Medical Professionals and Consultants.
  • They get to see not only the routine cases but also rare and complicated cases. Clinical Cases - a therapeutic dilemma, diagnosed by the exhaustive medical facilities available with us.
  • They get to present clinical cases in the Clinical Society meet of MHT. This exercise sharpens their presentations.
  • The IMA MHT meet is held once a month. The students can take part in a lecture given by a visiting guest.
  • An enormous amount of knowledge is acquired when the students take part in the monthly patient care Review Meet.
  • In addition, PGs can take part in many CME's conducted at MHT or at Tanjore in their specialties.

Other Benefits

  • Free Internet access and permission to acquire personal Internet
  • Access to a Library that is stocked with standard journals, books and videos
  • State-of-the-art classrooms
  • Videoconferencing by the NBEMS
  • PGs can avail medical treatment if required.
  • If the spouse is a doctor, there are opportunities for them to join as a medical officer/ PG/ Consultant.

Special Benefits

  • The department allows them to take part in the local departmental teaching programmes.
  • They can also attend State, Regional and Conferences with paper presentations once a year.

Tamilnadu Apex Skill Development Centre for Healthcare

Who can I contact for more information on courses being offered through Meenakshi Hospital?

For more information on courses offered at MHT, please get in touch with:

Head of the Institution
Meenakshi Hospital
244/2, Trichy Main Road, Near New Bus Stand
Neelagiri Therkku Thottam
Thanjavur – 613005.
Phone No : 04362 – 226474 (ext : 2042)
Mobile No : 7402605582
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Nodal Officer : M.R Mohamed Javid Ansari
Contact Number : 8754294403. 7402605670