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At Meenakshi Hospital,

we take pride in delivering the best healthcare services cost-effectively to domestic and international patients. Located in Tanjore, our services are a fusion of traditional Indian hospitality, cutting-edge technology, clinical excellence and compassion. Our objective is to consistently deliver the best care and treatment, we have gained recognition for our services and are the preferred hospital people reach out to in times of need.

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Chairman's Message

As Meenakshi Hospital, Thanjavur completes its 10th year;
we take pride in being true to the trust of our patients in every possible way. With over 10 lakh patients treated so far, our relationship with them has only strengthened over time.
We began with the simple, yet profoundly demanding mission of providing β€˜World-class healthcare at affordable prices.’ Our doctors and medical staff have dedicated their learning, experience and time to this institution and are willing to place their full trust in our mission. Now, after one decade, we look back with full satisfaction at our challenging but very rewarding journey of providing affordable healthcare to the masses.

The medical field has evolved through various technological advancements. At Meenakshi Hospital we have always striven to acquire world-class technology and package it in a way that is accessible to the common man. Our achievements over the last 10 years have made us the most reputed and sought-after hospital in Delta Region of Tamil Nadu. We are working tirelessly to live up to the expectations of our patients and take forward our great legacy of providing affordable world-class healthcare to newer geographies.- Dr. S. Gurushankar



We have treated over ____ patients and performed over

  • ____ Endoscopies
  • ____ Dialysis Procedures
  • ____ Renal Transplantations
  • ____ Life-saving CRRT Procedures
  • ____ Angioplasty Procedures
  • ____ Angiograms
  • ____ Bypass Surgeries
  • ____ Liver Transplants
  • ____ Neurosurgeries

Meenakshi Hospital Tanjore


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Preventive Diagnostics

Comprehensive wellness packages

Routine health exams and tests are essential for identifying health conditions during the initial stages before the manifestation of symptoms.

  1. Complete Heart Checkup
  2. Master Health Checkup
  3. Meenakshi Gold Health Checkup (Female)
  4. Meenakshi Gold Health Checkup (Male)
  5. Senior Citizen Health Checkup
Best-in-class medical facilities

International Patient Care

Meenakshi Hospital is a premier healthcare provider with cutting-edge facilities, delivering end-to-end assistance for overseas patients. Our world-class services are cost-effective and transparent and elevate patient experience.

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Quality Certificates

World-class medical facilities

Why to Choose Us


Angiogram / Angioplasties performed


Bypass and Valve transplantation surgeries done


Laparoscopic, Internal/Gallbladder Keyhole surgeries performed


Neurosurgeries done


Hip, Knee Replacement and Spinal surgeries done


Lives saved through Emergency treatment


Cancer patients have been given Radiation treatment and special surgeries


Kidney stone removal, Dialysis and Kidney Transplantation surgeries have been done


Radiology CT, MRI, Ultrasound procedures


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