5,000+Bypass Surgeries
3,000+Beating Heart Surgeries
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Meenakshi Hospital prides itself for its 24X7, one-stop dispensing service.


Meenakshi Hospital prides itself for its 24 X 7, one-stop dispensing service.

Meenakshi Hospital Pharmacy prides itself for 24/7 service of Non-Stop Medicine Dispensing, The Urgency and importance of medicine was known and it was dispensing in a timely manner,

Fully Computerized system of medicine issue in pharmacy,

Dispensing of Medicine only against Prescription from Registered Medical Practitioner,

In addition to providing complete support to all Nursing units, Operation theatre, ICU , Cath lab, & Inpatient.

  • 24/7 Pharmacy Service,
  • IV Medication,
  • Sterile products,
  • Emergency Medicines,
  • Large Range of Medicines,
  • Bar Code Assisted Medicine Billing,
  • Availability Of Liturgical & Disposables,
  • Chemotherapy Drugs,
  • High Risk Medication,
  • Narcotics Management,
  • Electronic Prescription,
  • Double checking method Before Medicine Dispensing,
  • Separate checking table after medicine issue from pharmacy,
  • NABH Standard was followed in pharmacy.