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Intensive Care Unit

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Meenakshi Hospital is a Centre of excellence providing advanced intensive care support through sophisticated concepts and technology.


The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Meenakshi Hospital is a Centre of excellence providing advanced intensive care support through sophisticated concepts and technology. The ICU manages critically ill patients brought in with severe and life threatening illnesses or injury, trauma patients and also offers post-operative care. We have dedicated Intensive Care Units for Medical management patients (Medical Intensive Care Unit) and Surgical Patients (Surgical Intensive Care Unit).

Managing critically ill patients in the ICU is a complex task. Our efforts in the ICU are dedicated to the best comprehensive and holistic tertiary care of patients, maintaining exacting quality standards in meeting the challenges of acute and critical care medicine successfully.

The Intensive care unit is equipped with the latest and advanced mechanical ventilators, monitoring equipment and continuous renal replacement therapy for patients with renal failure, in the ICU. We offer an excellent support system backed by a wide range of super specialty services.

At our state-of-the-art ICU we are committed to providing the highest quality of critical care to patients in the ICU. Taking an integrated approach to critical care we help optimize touch points between technology and care-givers thereby improving the quality of care to the patients.

We enable professional care-givers to turn the ICU into a healing environment.

Treatments & Procedures

The separate ICU’s (Medical ICU, Surgical ICU, Post Operative ICU and CTVS ICU) is manned 24x7 by a full time, experienced team of Intensivists

Round the clock registrars/ consultants/ DMO’s/ Nursing Supervisors

ICU services for Cardiology / Neurology / Nephrology / Medical / General surgeries / Trauma.

In critical areas 1:1 Patient : Nurse

In Non - critical areas 1:2 Patient : Nurse

Separate isolation bed - Respiratory isolation and Contact isolation

  • Well equiped ICU with highest number of beds in Delta districts.
  • Total number of bed - 22 (Critical ICU bed - 10 & Non critical bed - 12)
  • Separate ICU for Medical / Surgical / Cardiology
  • Trained critical care physicians & team
  • Clinical information management systems
  • First state-of-the-art multidisciplinary ICU in Tanjore

Our team is specially trained for Intensive care, and comprises of nurses, physiotherapists, dietitians, technical, paramedical staff and biomedical engineers who are involved in supportive care.

The ICU also has quality programs like clinical audits, patient care review and CMEs

  • Arterial Blood Gas analyzer
  • Bedside hemodialysis, CRRT
  • High-performance incubators
  • Modern ventilators - invasive and non-invasive
  • Advanced monitoring devices - cardiac, respiratory, hemo-dynamic etc.
  • Bed side imaging procedures including 2D echocardiogram, Ultra sonogram
  • Only ICU in Delta District to have ECMO facility
  • Central Monitoring
  • Video Counselling
  • IABP
  • ECHO
  • Bedside Endoscopy
  • Tracheostomy
  • Patient transport monitors
  • EEG

Technology supports the ICU and every specialist in Intensive Care, ultimately leading to better outcomes, reduced length of stay and greater cost efficiency. At the Meenakshi Hospital ICU we use advanced technological resources while providing care to the critically ill patients.

The following equipment’s are used for patients admitted in the ICU


Advanced monitors are used to monitor heart rate, heart rhythm, ECG, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and respiratory rate.


Equipped with modern mechanical ventilators, for both invasive and noninvasive ventilation, providing life support for patients who cannot breathe adequately.

IV Pump

Used to administer life saving medications like inotropes and other medications which need to be infused continually into the patient.

Arterial Blood gas analyzer

The ICU is equipped with Siemens 'Rapid Lab 1265' arterial blood gas analyzer which is one of the most advanced ABG analyzer. This helps performing ABG analysis inside the ICU saving time for the patient.

Patient Bed

Technology has made it possible for the patient's bed to rotate, reposition and transport patients during their stay. This helps to alleviate and prevent bedsores for patients staying for an extended period of time.

Compression Stockings

The ICU uses compression stockings to prevent occurrence of Deep Vein Thrombosis in patients who are high risk and for long stay patients.


The ICU staff use computers for accessing hospital information systems to record patient care, order medications, procedures and investigations, viewing investigation reports and patient's electronic medical records.

  • Central line insertion
  • Arterial line insertion
  • Pericardial Centesis
  • Lumbar puncture,
  • Intubation
  • Percutaneous Tracheostomy
  • USG Guided pigtail Insertion
  • Only ICU to have Toxicology unit


  • All Poisoning
  • Hanging
  • Inhalational injury
  • Environmental injuries
  • Toxic envenomation’s

Critically post-operative care for traumatic and non-traumatic patients.